Personal Defamation Monitor

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Personal Defamation Monitor

One Billion names are searched on Google every day. Do you know what the Internet says about you? Today news travels faster than ever before, and negative search results can damage your chances of getting a job, securing a loan, and even finding a date.

Defamation Monitor helps individuals discover and react to negative information on the Internet in real time, ensuring that the information can be contained, removed, or otherwise addressed as fast as possible. Our software automatically searches for negative posts, articles, and reviews that mention your name, and alerts you immediately when negative information appears online.

Defamation Monitor continuously scans the Internet for any mention of your name. If your name is mentioned, our language analysis algorithms determine the sentiment and context of the mention. Finally, if the post or article requires your attention, Defamation Monitor alerts you immediately.

Why Your Reputation is Important


of all HR employees use search engines to research job candidates.


of adults search for their own name on search engines.


of adults use software to monitor their online reputation.

How Defamation Monitor Works

  1. You create an account
  2. Login to your account
  3. Add keywords you wish to track (like your name, company, or name & city)
  4. Defamation Monitor listens for mentions of your name and identifies any negative mention
  5. Intelligent course of action suggestions
  6. If negative information is found, you receive an alert

Peace of Mind

Protect your online reputation today with Defamation Monitor. Our software ensures that you will be notified if your reputation is ever harmed on the Internet. With our advanced alerting software, you will have an opportunity to react, respond, of completely remove negative information from the Internet.


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